Sparks Dance Company

Sparks Dance Company (SDC) was founded in 1989 as Penn’s premiere dance company dedicated to both performing and community service. The company, managed by undergraduate students, maintains a high technical level of many styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and contemporary. In addition to weekly technique classes, each semester culminates with a self-choreographed show. Company members also perform at other popular campus events throughout the year such as the Emily Sachs Dance Benefit and Freshmen Performing Arts Night. Additionally, SDC members have the chance to share their love of dance at various Philadelphia locales, such as the Salvation Army and the Ronald McDonald house, through our philanthropy program each semester.
At the beginning of each semester, Sparks admits dancers to the company through an audition process designed to examine both technical and performance experience. While not all members are required to perform all styles of dance, the audition process consists of a technical section and a combination section during which dancers are taught several short combinations of varying styles and then asked to perform them. Once admitted to SDC, dancers are expected to attend weekly technique classes in addition to rehearsals for the semester-end show. SDC seeks members with a passion for dance and performance, a commitment to our mission, and a desire to be part of a close-knit group of Penn students.

Fall 2017 Auditions: Saturday 9/2 10:00am - 12:30pm OR Monday 9/4 12:30-3:00pm, Platt 175
Freshmen Performing Arts Night: Friday 9/1 7:00pm, Irvine Auditorium

If you are interested in staying up to date on auditions and other Sparks' events early this year, please fill out this form .

Meet the Company

  1. Christina Wei
    Christina Wei
    Class of 2020 San Jose, CA
  2. Summer Osborn
    Summer Osborn
    Class of 2019 Political Science Rockford, IL
  3. Andrea Frost
    Andrea Frost
    Class of 2019 Economics Westport, CT
  4. Danielle Frost
    Danielle Frost
    Class of 2017 Networked / Social Systems Engineering Westport, CT
  5. Allison Langer
    Allison Langer
    Class of 2017 Biological Basis of Behavior Villanova, PA
  6. Rachel Orlinsky
    Rachel Orlinsky
    Class of 2017 Health and Societies Baltimore, MD
  7. Sarah Organ
    Sarah Organ
    Class of 2018 Computer Science Milwaukee, WI
  8. Natalie Koch
    Natalie Koch
    Class of 2018 Biological Basis of Behavior Narberth, PA
  9. Natalie Larkin-Gilmore
    Natalie Larkin-Gilmore
    Class of 2018 Visual Studies Philadelphia, PA
  10. Sierra Mills
    Sierra Mills
    Class of 2020 Computer Science Doylestown, PA


Allie Drabinsky
Isabel Miro

Athena Petrides
Ilaria Caturegli
Elise Minkin
Ariella Freund
Rebecca Margolis
Caroline Quigley
Jessica Warren
Daria Gaut
Alli Letica
Brittany Colligen
Brittany Johansen
Anastasia Matijkiw
Callie Taylor
Jamie Wessels

Jamie Acero
Adrienne Adler
Sara Farber
Samantha Greenblatt

Kari Marton-Rollins
Stephanie Majchrzak
Manda Mundy
Amy Sherman
Jackie Candido
Catherine Kane
Juliette Alimena 
Kylie Gattunella
Stephanie Lichtinger​
Lindsay Pordon
Lindsey Sankin
Laura Holson
Lauren Le Vine
Allie Schafrann

Michelle Goldwin
Shally Iyer
Renee Pristas
Rong Rong Xu
Julie Zhou​​​

Nikki Caprio
Jacqueline Stone

Meredith Caldwell
Anca Chung
Angela Irwin
Nicole Nurse
Carrie Pottker-Fishel

Dayna Finkelstein
Kathey Hague
Katarina Johnson
Alexis Marchio
Kristen Sheridan
Clare Wang

Christina Crawford-Martin
Lori Eisner
Denise Pagliarulo
Judith Shapiro
Lynn Wu​

Jen Cohen
Renee Leta
Tammy Mirensky
Jenn Orthmann
Charlesetta Redmond

Maria Arbona
Marilyn Attie
Janet Casamento
Jessica Alexander
Rachel Jablon
Rachel Kutcher
Caryn Lazaroff
Becky Perlis
Leah Shaper​​

Mary Carol Capbell
Marissa Engel
Lauren Feingold
Rachel Kutcher
Christie Lucier
Meka Millstone
Michelle Mussafi
Bonnie Siegel

Tonya Beteet
Sallie Brown
Meghan Burns
Kristen Chasse
Amy Richard
Susan Ruszala
Christine Tarr
Kate Tract
Crystal Uyematsu

Donna Marie Caro
Gabriella Davi​
Andrea Friedlander
Christine Roberts

Julie Chow
Deryn Crockett
Lori Kessler
Karen Oberthaler

Jill Abrams
Tatiana Aizenberg
​Gina Bloom
Sherri Cooper
Rachel Koss
​Jill Kottner
Sonita Midha
Karen Pawlick
Tessie Topal

Amanda Dixon
Robyn Glassman
Jill Hammer
Jennifer MacDonald
Andrea Plevan
Jennifer Shulman

Rhonda Ebert
Patrice Firpo
Helaina Greenberg
Adine Nahum
Kimberly Stone

Kimberly Steinberg

Rachel Harrison
Marcie Love​
Melissa Vogel